October Fishing Forecast: Bluepoints Marina Port Canaveral

October Fishing Forecast: Port Canaveral

Soon we will be dressing our little ones up for Halloween…it is crazy how fast this season seems to have flown by… I’m already getting excited for Christmas. As the water temperatures continue to cool we will begin to see more Sailfish and Wahoo. Fishing for Wahoo is generally better at sunrise. They also like higher speeds and as we know, a book could be written on the many different tactics when it comes to “Hoo fishing. I always seem to get lucky on the shotgun line. On the shotgun line I like to use a big black/red islander with horse ballyhoo. Cobia will also start to show up again soon… we need to have some colder nights first though to cool the water down…it’s still kind of warm considering Cobia like it around 70 degrees.

Now is the time we start to see Mahi begin to run more consistently than the few scattered here and there we have been seeing. Whether they are actually coming from or going back to the Keys, who knows…find some weed lines and give it a try. We recently had a good day in 95 feet working weed patches with live Pogies. Once you have your live bait from the morning cast netting, try slow trolling. Mahi will also eat Mullet…so, if you can’t find the Pogies go for the Mullets.

If you haven’t noticed the fall Mullet run is still going on. Every morning I go out I see them in the Port basins and up and down the beach getting hit on by everything. I also see the smaller Mullet rounding the jetties getting smacked by Reds and Snook. Although they may not be the best table fare, Jacks, Bonita, Sharks and Spanish mackerel have been all over the Mullet.

Kingfish are still doing well on the local reefs. Use stinger rigs and live Pogies. There are days that Pogies are hard to come by but, you can use frozen cigar minnows if that’s the case. If you’re using frozen bait like, spinning minnows, you may want to tip the rig with a kingbuster. Try a few colors until you find what works best. Sometimes a naked dead bait works just well. Lately King fishing has been day to day…one day you can limit out in the first hour and the next day in the same conditions you cannot buy a bite.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us. This report has been brought to you by Captain Chris Cameron of Fired Up Fishing Charters, firedupcharters@gmail.com. your premier fishing guide charter of, shark fishing Cocoa Beach, offshore fishing Port Canaveral, nearshore fishing Cape Canaveral, Orlando charter fishing.

Good luck this month and we hope you do well!

Capt Chris

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