Mid-November Fishing Report: Bluepoints Marina Port Canaveral

Fishing out of Port Canaveral the past several weeks has been nothing less than stellar. While the west/north west winds have kept us from running offshore for the most part… We have been able to fish the beach and shark trips almost daily. The fall run/spawn of the ocean running bull Reds has been absolutely amazing. I am thankful that they not only showed up a month ago but, that they are still here. The bull Red action has been crazy. I’ve had charters tell me they only want offshore fishing. I ask them, wouldn’t you want to fight 30lb fish on light tackle without going way offshore and they usually say yes and they didn’t know you could catch fish that big near the beach, lol.  Mixed in with the Reds have been some nice Black-tip sharks. If you haven’t tried a Black-tip you are missing out.

Here’s what you need to do to catch fish along the beach right now. After coming out of the port look north or south for pelicans diving on the bait pods. You can generally find them from 10 feet of water to 30 feet…every day is a little different. After locating them get your cast net and get some Pogies or Mullet, doesn’t matter.  I use a 30lb leader and a 8/0 circle hook. You can send one out free swimming and add a 1oz egg sinker to the other. Circle hooks are the key for a safe hookup and release.  Look around for the bait schools and toss your lines and just wait. I usually bounce from bait school to bait school until I locate the fish… EASY.

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Tight Lines,

Capt. Chris
Fired-Up Charters

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