July Fishing Report: UPDATE

With inconsistent fishing so far in July, I’m not sure exactly what to say. The thermal cline seems to come and go daily. We have been seeing 8/9-degree daily temperature changes along with a mix of both clean and funky colored water. It has been a tough month so far.


Hopefully we will have clean and more consistent water temperatures during August. This will help keep the bait on the beach more regularly like it’s been the past few weeks. We didn’t get that awesome run of Kings that we have been expecting this month but, continue to slow troll the beach. There were a few days that Kings did come by but, once the water started doing its thing they were gone. It’s only a matter of time until they get here and stay for more than just a day or two. In the meantime there are a few Bonita and Jacks around to keep the rods bent.  Also, be on the lookout for Cobia…we have been getting a few every trip.


Late July and the month of August is good for wreck fishing as well. Here are a few wreck fishing tips…Make sure you get as much live bait as your live well will hold. Get to a wreck… any local wreck will work; it doesn’t have to be some top secret spot (use the Top Spot Map). Being the first one on the wreck will help, the fish can turn off rather quickly if several boats pull up on it. Throw a bunch of Pogies out and see what starts to swim up. Keep an eye on your machine as well. I start out using a buck tail with a Pogie on it…anything there will eat it… I also free line a few. Believe it or not, Red Snapper, Amberjack and anything else that swims off the structure will feed from the top.


Another way to do it is, anchor up. Put out a few bags of chum and get a slick going (like Yellowtail fishing in the Keys). Send out some chunks in the slick with a light fluorocarbon line and you may get yourself some Mangos.


Between beach fishing and wreck fishing you should do pretty well.


Good luck!
Capt. Chris Cameron


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