It’s Time to Talk Cobia – Spring Fishing Report

With the arrival of spring comes Cobia Season and now is the time of year when you begin planning your gear and tackle purchases…lets’ make a list…

Jigs- I like my jigs a little on the heavy side 2 Oz with a 9/0 hook
Tails- Always have more than one color and lots of action on the tail
Leader- 60lb Fluorocarbon
Line- 30lb Braided
Circle Hooks- 8/0 to pitch squid or run live bait when the Cobia is finicky
Polarized Sunglasses- So many out there I’ll let you choose

Ok…you have your gear and tackle, now what? As our waters warm up to 65-70 degrees, I always start targeting Cobia south of Canaveral. The Tug Wreck is pretty much my southernmost boundary and most of the time my starting point. I’ve seen this wreck have 30 rays circling it and Cobia coming up and down on top of it.  Have some live bait ready and do not approach the wreck until you are ready to cast. From the wreck I move out slightly and slowly working my way North paying attention to birds, current rips and debris. Have your fishing buddies  ready to cast at all times… you can’t catch a Cobia sitting on the bench. From the tug to the buoy line outside the Port is around 25 miles, get your chart out and look for anything on the bottom in 60 to 70 feet of water and concentrate your efforts on it. As the fishery sets up and things begin to switch into spring mode the bait pods will begin to show up and are usually balled up in muddy upwells…work these over very good by sending your jig to the bottom and jigging all the way to the boat.

As we move through March you will hear about the shoals up North and if it’s a flat weekend they won’t be hard to find. The Bull, Hetzel, and Chris Benson Reef are all go to spots. Always remember, it’s a big Ocean out there and getting in someone’s drift or charging someone’s ray is just not good etiquette. If you see boats  working a ray chances are there are others nearby…. I like working the outskirts of the pack to find those fish that don’t have knots on their heads already.

Lastly, I’m most always within ear shot of Bluepoints Marina and if you would like to speak with me personally for tips or techniques call me directly and we will set it up.

Thanks and Catch Them Up!

Capt. Brad Spalding
Brassy Hooker Sport Fishing
@BrassyHooker on Twitter
@BrassyHooker on Instagram

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