Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Names Bluepoints Marina a “Clean Marina”

Bluepoints is Florida’s First Clean & Resilient Marina

Bluepoints Marina is the first marina in Florida to obtain the distinction of being a Clean & Resilient Marina as well as the first marina ever to receive this designation.

Bluepoints is Part of the Florida Clean Marina Program

Florida is defined by water. With more than 1,350 miles of coastline, 50,000 miles of inland and coastal rivers and streams, 700 freshwater springs and countless lakes, Floridians depend on water more than any other natural resource. The continued success of the states $56 billion tourism industry, its $14 billion marine industry and $6.6 billion fishing industry rely on Floridas waterways and coastlines to be clean. Since 2000, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has encouraged clean boating through the development of the following designation programs which recognize facilities engaging in environmentally friendly practices, beyond regulatory requirements, in and around Florida’s waterways.

The Florida Clean Marina Program is a voluntary designation program with a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. Participants receive assistance in implementing Best Management Practices through on-site and distance technical assistance, mentoring by other Clean Marinas and continuing education. To become designated as a Clean Marina, facilities must implement a set of environmental Best Management Practices (BMP) designed to protect Florida’s waterways. These BMP’s address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitat, waste management, storm water control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness. Designated facilities and those facilities seeking designation receive ongoing technical support from the Florida Clean Marina Program and the Clean Boating Partnership.

Criteria for Clean Marina Designation

1. Environmental Management

  • Compliance with environmental regulations and submerged land lease, and using Best Management Practices determined from the self-assessment checklist and designation review.
  • Available resource person at the marina to provide customers with environmental information, and who can be contacted for inquires about the Clean Marina Program and environmental issues pertinent to the marina.
  • Adequate and well-managed trash/garbage and recycling containers.
  • Post for viewing, or otherwise publish, a set of environmental policies used by the marina.


2. Marina Environmental Quality

  • Water and land of the marina must be clean without signs of oil, sewage or litter.
  • Marinas will encourage boaters not to discharge sewage into the waters of their facilities or waters of the state.
  • Raw sewage discharge is prohibited.


3. Services

  • Marinas will provide clean restroom facilities and access to drinking water.
  • Docks and grounds shall be well maintained for safety and appearance.
  • All marina personnel are regularly trained on marina environmental policies and procedures.
  • All Clean Marine Retailer facilities will provide environmental education at the time of sale of new or used boats to the buyer. This education will consist of a “Welcome Boater Package” to be provided by the facility.

Bluepoints Marina is a Designated Clean Marine Retailier

The Florida Clean Marine Retailer Program is a voluntary designation program that encourages marine retailers to educate boaters by providing information to those who purchase vessels on clean boating practices. A Clean Marine Retailer employs environmental Best Management Practices in its boat and engine service operations and facilities.

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