December Fishing Report: Bluepoints Marina Port Canaveral

It is hard to believe that we are already starting our holiday shopping… how is it December already?  Besides the great times coming this month celebrating the Holiday Season, expect the kingfish run. This is my favorite type of fishing. Many people don’t like kings and I wonder why? A 25-30lb kingfish on 20lb gear ripping line on light tackle after sky rocketing on a livebait, I mean how can you not like that? Many also think kingfish is bad table fare. I assure you fresh blackened kingfish is very good and if you never made smoked kingfish dip you’re missing out. There are many different recipes out there… Don’t listen to the gossip find out for yourself.

Normally the kingfish run starts around the Thanksgiving time frame. With the heavy winds we had during November it was a tough month for fishing. This time of year rough winds are typical so… pick your days and get in on the action.

Kings have some sharp teeth. Because of this here’s what we use. Number 4 wire with a 2x strong, size 4 treble hook followed by another treble hook about 6 inches behind the first. Hook the Pogies through the nostrils and let the stinger just dangle. I do not hook the second hook. Let the bait out in a light drag and you are all set.

Locating these fish can be tricky at times. The schools can move great distances in a days’ time. Fish your local reefs and ship wreck areas.  You will see the commercial fleet coming in this month too. You can see the direction they are headed towards and that’s a good tell-tale of where the fish will be… BUT… please give these guys some room while they are doing their circles; they fish to put food on the table for their family.

This time of year live bait can be tough to catch. Don’t leave home without a box of sardines and your live bait. Hook the dead sardine through the bottom lip then top, make sure you have a swivel in line while doing this or your line will twist up bad. When you see the dead bait pin-wheeling back there you know you are doing it right.

Good luck this month!

Capt. Chris Cameron

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