Bluepoints Marina Fishing Report: July 2013

Have you been to the beach lately near Bluepoints Marina in Port Canaveral and felt that cool Easterly breeze? If you have this will tell you there something fishy going on offshore.


We are currently experiencing a natural phenomenon known as “upwelling”, without going all out Discovery Channel on you, it is caused by deep ocean currents pushing inshore causing some fish to move or shut down. There however some opportunities that the upwelling provides to you. Starting on the beach, Pogies are in thick and are very good size, never leave the beach without them this time of year. King and Spanish Mackerel along with Bonito have all been in close; look for color changes, birds working, buoys, or flotsam. Use live Pogies with light wire and either a 3 to 4/0 J hook and a stinger (4x strong) or a double treble hook rig. Slow troll them and keep your drags light for some great power runs. Getting a little further out, Cobia have been following anything bigger than they are and holding on our inshore shoal areas and wrecks. Get your jigs out and give it a look, have some squid or a live Pogies ready for that stubborn eater. If the fish are simply coming up and looking at the free lined squid or Pogies, just when you think he is going to eat, jerk it away from him a couple times and usually they will lose their minds and eat! Ok so you have some Kingfish and your limit of Cobia and its Ten O’clock now what do you do? I would say go eat lunch but if you want to push offshore then lets’ go! The near shore wrecks and reefs have been hit or miss on Kings but keep an eye on your sounder; Amberjack, Mangroves and Red Snapper have been high in the water column trying to warm up and are ready to eat. I had a charter last week that experienced what it’s like when a 48lb AJ hits a free lined Pogie in over a 100’ of water… 30 minutes and 2 anglers later he ate the steel! Lastly Dolphin fishing has also been hit or miss around this super Moon… all of the Dolphin that has made it into the boat has been off of flotsam of some kind or trolling from bottom spot to bottom spot. If you can’t find any debris or weed lines look for those defined current changes (aka rips) and run down them or fast troll big chugger skirts until you find some fish. Have the spinners ready and again those Pogies that you didn’t leave the beach without.


Did you catch the most common word used here? Yes, it’s the word Pogies! As the summer rolls by live bait is the key offshore whether you’re into hard core trolling or bottom fishing have those little guys handy to pitch, troll or drop and you are going to have a good day.


As always contact me with any questions you may have or catch me at Bluepoints Marina and I’ll do my best to get them answered.


Tight Lines,

Capt Brad R Spalding 321-720-0949
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